Sunday, August 28, 2011


What goes up much come down....Must you always be brought down after a high? Is that how it works? Is it all about balance? Do you tend to move towards a middle level because gravity doesn't let you stay high or low?

I met a British guy who had been sailing around the world for the last 3 years and experienced many things. His stories and what he had learned fascinated me. He told me that with traveling he had some of the highest highs and lowest lows...I understood what he was saying at the time because I was in a different culture at and in the midst of these highs and lows. But I think it is true in the day to day life...without grandiose travels or separation from the known. Now that I am back in Virginia, my 'home' if you will, the same remains true. The feeling I am talking about is like coming back from vacation, or the feeling after the work and preparation for a big holiday (the moment is gone so fast), or visiting a friend or loved one then having to leave, or when your visitors leave you. You get to a point so high that there is no where to go but down.

So my options are to ride it out or seek balance. I am going to have highs and lows, I am going to be riding the open waters one day and then I will be faced with some great storms the next. The water and breeze on my face will be a great reminder of freedom and the joy of life, then there are going to be winds so hard that I will question that freedom and joy. How do I learn balance?

When I am struggling with balance in my life, should I ask?

Am I balanced? Am I talking to God? I am living just for today? Is my life manageable or in a disarray? Am I emotionally supported? Am I physically involved, working out, breaking a sweat? Am I resting enough or too much? Am I feeding my body the right fuel? Am I reading and seeking out truth? Am I taking time to relax, time for myself? Am I organized at work? Am I playing enough or too much? Am I helping others or too focused on myself? Am I financially making smart decisions? Am I being honest with myself? Am I seeing the situation for what it is? Am I being fair, honest, righteous, and kind to others and myself? I am not always kind to myself. Am I jealous, even unintentionally? Am I putting too much un-needed expectation on myself? Am I thankful and grateful? Am I loving?

When I experience the lows in life, I can choose to force an action. Maybe the questions above can serve to guide my quest. No matter how exhausted I am emotionally or physically, I can choose to force an action. I can make myself get up or just lay there. Life is about God, Balance, Giving, Who I am, what kind of person I am (not what I do or who I know). So I say to myself wake much easier not to...Get up, get out of here...get up or lay there. I often let the highs and lows guide my path…but I also know I can choose to force an action. What will I do today? I am not sure. I think the unexpectedness of life, the ups and downs will eventually bring me back to a middle ground or I can choose to seek out it out myself and be more grounded which is what I think the soul craves...Homeostasis.

Inspired by my best friend...Stephanie Woolwine Whited who already is and will be a tremendous counselor. Our original discussion on this was in Samoa during one of my lower times.

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