Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Aging with Grace

I hope to write about some of my patients that have impressed me, there have been so many in the past but I have failed to write them down.

Today 11/16/2011 I had a 93 year old gentleman that was sharp as a tac. He served our Country in Okianwa. He has been married 70 years and lives by himself. He takes care of his wife who is suffering from Dementia. She fell and broke her wrist so he goes to the Nursing home daily to feed her at mealtimes. We talked a long time and next time he comes in, he is going to bring some old photos. He was spunky and on top of everything. He knew exactly what medications and doses he took. When I asked him what his secret was he said working hard all of his life.

I asked another patient in the hospital the best advice he could give me, he said never to waste buying an extended warranty on anything except for maybe his treadmill. Wow, enough said.

It seems to me the patients that do the best share one thing in common and that is positive attitude, I have seen many patients give up mentally and their health follows. Is this attitude innate? This has been quite impressed upon my soul.

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